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What is the Fathers’ Rights Movement?

As more and more women enter the workplace, the separated mother-father paradigm is breaking. It’s no longer the sole purpose of a father to work long hours to provide for his family, spending his kids’ birthdays and baseball games in … Continue reading

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Getting Stomped

Trying to go it alone in the Family Court System with the emphasis on access for all is a gamble. Even for trained professionals, the adage states that ‘He who represents himself has a fool for a client’. When a … Continue reading

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Parental Move Away/Abduction: Entrepreneur Wins Custody Of Missing Child

Big Jake won contracts for his trucking company by the force of his many contacts flowing from his Southern California roots. But his self marketing talents were eclipsed by his self maintenance skills aided by his baseball glove sized hands … Continue reading

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The Future For Fathers

Our little men today will be Fathers tomorrow. In an America challenged with unemployment and recession we hold dear to the over arching guiding light that as our generation struggles with the adjustments promoting individual liberty and elimination of bias, … Continue reading

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Parental Alienation Syndrome

Dr Richard Gardner, Professor of Child Psychiatry, Columbia University, testified for law firm client, physician and father of three young girls, that mother’s tactics to deny father custody constituted a mild form of parental alienation. Rather than excuse mother, Dr … Continue reading

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