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Engineer Prevails Child Support Challenge

Divorcing in 2000 when Alisha was five (5) years old, Engineer Father, and Government employed Mother, self represented their dissolution, agreeing to joint custody for Alisha, with $450 monthly child support due Mother. Mother and Father agreed orally, however, that … Continue reading

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One For The Father and Child

“Father shall have Alex every Monday and Tuesday overnight and alternate weekends and half of all holidays and half of all no school vacations,” effective January, the court ruled Tuesday — Joint Physical and Legal Custody for the Child, a … Continue reading

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All Dressed Up

x Too often little ones are left behind, disappointed with unfulfilled expectations, or involuntarily removed from a loved parent. Parents in divorce are often blinded to their children’s needs by their struggles to adjust to single life, new surroundings, increased … Continue reading

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Rights of Military Fathers

Fighting one war is hard enough. For many military fathers in the throes of divorce, where custody proceedings can be as stressful as deployment, they’re stuck fighting two wars. One is fought for the country; the other is fought for … Continue reading

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