5 Reasons to Celebrate Dads

Father’s Day only comes around once every year, and for those 24 hours, it’s all about the dads. It’s a deserved honor and one that gives children of all ages a chance to reflect on their own fathers and the influences they have had on their lives. Dads should be celebrated all year round though, and for more reasons than because it is what a calendar says.

Take a look at just a few of the reasons why we should all celebrate dads:



  1. Dads are fun. Sure, there are serious moments, but overall, great dads are just big kids at heart. Dads are automatic teammates, video game opponents, and pillow fight strategists. In a world seemingly filled with authority figures, kids can count on dads to bridge the gap between adulthood and childhood and keep things light.
  2. Dads are smart. There are a lot of things about life that dads impart to their kids, and much of it cannot be learned in a text book. They have a way of expressing their ideas in understandable ways. Dads tend to find the teachable moments in everyday life and make them meaningful to their kids.
  3. Dads are sensitive. While a lot of fathers have a reputation for their tough guy exteriors, deep down they have a soft spot for their kids. Whether it is helping them work through a difficult homework assignment or listening during frustrating times, dads provide shoulders to cry on and arms to embrace life’s challenges. 
  4. Dads always answer the call. Whether a little girl needs help fishing her doll out of the toilet, or a young man in college needs help moving into his first apartment, dads are always at the ready. Dads offer manual labor, rescue services, and a lot of volunteer hours too. Kids of any age can count on dads to come when they call, and to make everything in life just a little bit easier.
  5. Dads are the underdogs. There are some really awesome moms out there, and sometimes that can overshadow all the hard work that dads are doing too. Research has found that dads today are more likely than their own fathers to be involved in the everyday lives of their children and to help with domestic responsibilities on a larger scale. Dads work hard and we should recognize that every day of the year. 

What are some other great reasons you can think of to celebrate dads? 

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