5 Summer Family Vacation Ideas for Single Fathers

a father poses for the camera with his son and daughter while on vacation

This year over one-third of American families will embark on a memorable vacation to an exciting destination somewhere across the globe. If you and your children are hoping to be one of those families, but haven’t yet decided what kind of trip to take, we’ve got you covered. Our top 5 vacation ideas offer something for every family, so you can enjoy your ideal adventure, while bonding with one another in the process.

1. Vacation Rental

Investing in a stay at a vacation rental property is the perfect way to dip your toes in the proverbial pool of vacationing. It’s an excellent option for a first-time family vacation with your children because it ensures an easy home-to-holiday transition. Rentals offer familiar comforts such as full-service kitchens, comfy bedding and privacy, as well as the added benefit of a new destination to explore. You can mix exciting activities with home comforts for a fun and relaxing stay.

2. Camping at a National Park

Whether planning a vacation during spring break or the winter hiatus, a camping trip to one of America’s 400 beautiful National Parks make the perfect family getaway. With so many choices, families can plan an entire holiday around visits to the majestic parklands. Not only are National Park trips inexpensive, averaging at around $20 a day, but they’re also incredibly educational. Teaching your kids about the local wildlife is a bonding experience they’ll remember for a lifetime. Just remember to pack a s’mores survival kit.

3. Learning Vacation

One of the best ways to plan a vacation with your kids is to center the destination around their combined interests. If one child enjoys outdoor activities and the other likes scientific endeavors, why not find an activity that explores both hobbies – like a trip to Death Valley National Park in California. Known for its world-class stargazing opportunities, Death Valley boasts one of the most awe-inspiring dark-sky landscapes in the country, often hosting meteor shower viewings. But that isn’t all there is to see or do. Death Valley boasts countless hikes to picturesque viewpoints to satisfy any young explorer’s need for adventure. With a well-planned learning vacation, everyone’s a winner.

4. Cruise

While a cruise might be costly, the fun activities and endless amenities it offers will surely make up for it. What’s more, all-inclusive packages take a lot of hassle out of vacation planning. The greatest part of embarking on a cruise line is the excitement of visiting multiple locations, while only having to unpack your suitcases once! There’s a route for everyone. Try an exotic trip through the Caribbean, or an icy adventure along the Alaskan coast.

5. All-Inclusive Hotel

If you invest in an all-inclusive vacation, the only decision your family will have to make is where you want to plant your flag. Everything else will be taken care of. No matter what part of the world you choose, you and your children will enjoy local entertainment, delicious cuisine, and fun activities without even leaving the comfort of your hotel. Children under a certain age can stay for free at some hotels, which might make this a more cost-effective option.

If this is your first vacation with your children as a single dad, know that you can do this. While you may feel hesitant to travel without another adult to help with the parenting, it’s important to see this as a chance to bond with your kids. They will remember a special vacation for the rest of their lives and it’s you they’ll have to thank for it. Seize the opportunity and enjoy an incredible trip together this year.

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