6 Cheap and Fun Summer Activities for Kids

Summer break is a great time to reconnect with your kids and gain back some of the family time that is given up during the school year, especially if summer means extra time spent with your kids. Lining up daily activities can get costly—but it doesn’t have to be that way. Take a look at these six ideas that do not take much planning or money to pull off:

  1. Build a fort. Even older kids will get a kick out of this activity that takes creativity and teamwork to complete. You can either start by drawing up a plan, or just make it up as you go along. Pull out old blankets and pillows, some cardboard boxes, and a flashlight and let your imagination do the rest.


  2. Go camping. Find an off-peak time to rent a campsite and spend a few nights away from your normal routine. The best part about campgrounds is that they usually have some built-in activities for the price of a site, like hiking trails, canoeing, or even a swimming pool. Don’t forget to plan for a campfire and another summer tradition: making s’mores.
  3. Find a free movie. A lot of theaters offer special showings of movies during the summertime that are completely free. Usually they are older movies but you still get the big-screen experience for a fraction of the price.
  4. Watch fireworks. This is the ultimate summertime activity, whether they happen on the Fourth of July or for a different summer celebration. With the exception of paying for parking in some areas, this activity is completely free, and a completely carefree way to enjoy a night under the stars with your kids.
  5. Head to the library. Summertime is perhaps the busiest time of year at local libraries. There are summer reading programs, kid-centric crafts, and visiting authors who stop by to read from their books and sign copies. You can usually pick up a summer brochure from your library, or even see what is available by going online.
  6. Play board games. Kids are so into electronic gaming nowadays that dusting off a few board games may actually be a nice change of pace. Introduce your kids to your old favorites, and pick up a few secondhand titles from garage sales or thrift shops.

What inexpensive ways have you found to have fun with your kids in the summer months?

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