How The Cookie Crumbles

Too many Fathers of divorce and paternity status have been left behind for the baking (hyperbole) where their children are concerned. A society infatuated with progress, we as children and grandchildren of the generations preceding us have possibly little knowledge of genetic engineering politics if the Twentieth Century (“Eugenics”) or Dr. Graham’s “Nobelist Sperm Bank” of the 70s and 80s of that Century — in Carlsbad near Palomar Airport — but most of us have heard about artificial procreative science and test tube fertilization. With the politics and progressive policies of same sex marriage we too have become aware of the new expanded concept of what makes a “family” in modern America.
Of course the problem is not in the making – as with any good cookie – or even in the baking. Rather it’s in the packaging, marketing, handling, delivery and serving if these policies and anthropological paradigms that trips up parents. The slang phrase “sperm donor” can profane the act of conception from its rightful place among the most sacred responsibilities we as ‘Homo Sapiens’ or as ‘Homo Religious’ which it is possible for most of us to experience and participate by whatever process the germ cells unite ‘in vitro’ or ‘in utero’ for parents as heterosexuals or otherwise.
The focus, is the point. Our children live, laugh, breathe, cry, grow up and thrive when we harmonize for them and with them the music of cooperative parenting so that each of them, the children of thus generation and those to follow, nurture in the womb of love and care from responsible parents who accept their role for the primary good and service of our children as a sacred trust above and beyond the politics of self and selfishness that brings our trusting little ones into the courtrooms of contest, despair and disingenuous cause of self promotion and entitlement, in derogation of the sacred trust of parenthood. PJM

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