About Father’s Rights Law Center® and Peter J. Mueller

The Father’s Rights Law Center® has been limiting its legal representation to husbands and fathers in dissolution and custody proceedings for the past twelve years. Father’s Rights Law Center® was founded in 1984 by Peter J. Mueller, licensed to practice law in California since 1974.

“To any father or husband considering retaining Peter Mueller for their divorce or child custody issues — I highly recommend him.

My case was a difficult one. With ongoing abuse and secrecy being difficult to prove, Peter and his team at Father’s Rights kept at it with advanced strategies designed to turn the tables. Peter’s skills during the interview and deposition phase made all the difference.

Another benefit (admittedly unexpected, but VERY much welcome) of working with Peter and his team is that going into the divorce, my child was failing at school, violent, and frequently suspended. Now she is an A and B student, star athlete, and happier all way around. Peter and the team at Father’s Rights Law center made it all possible.”

~ Charles Bigham

In 1975 Mr. Mueller participated with others to represent a La Jolla physician in an action for legal malpractice adverse to the doctor’s former lawyer whose legal error had implicated the doctor in a price fixing charge brought by the San Diego District Attorney. Gaining national notoriety with JAMA and Los Angeles Time’s headlines, “Doctor Sues Lawyer for Malpractice”, the suit following several years’ work resulted in a major victory for the doctor, both professionally and financially.

Through the years Mr. Mueller has continued to be favored with physician clientele in his civil and business law practice; since founding Father’s Rights Law Center® in 1984, he has continued to provide civil and family legal services to the medical profession.

Mr. Mueller has managed Father’s Rights Law Center® as an alternative to the general family law practice by his exclusive availability for professional fathers and husbands. The philosophy of the center is not that custody is right for every father, but that every father should have an equal right to custody.

It has been the center’s experience that while parenting opportunities for fathers have significantly expanded over the past five (5) years as more and more mothers enter the work force, the best and happiest parenting plans evolve between the separated parents after the divorce has been finalized.

One aspect of the Father’s Rights Law Center® program that has proved helpful for clients when initiating joint custodial parenting plans acceptable to the court has been Father’s Rights Law Center’s® immediate involvement of prominent child psychologists for clients before the first court appearance to help the father prepare a reasonable parenting plan consistent with family history and needs.

Father’s Rights Law Center® also encourages professional preparation for clients to best present their parenting plan to the family mediators employed by the Superior Court. The mediator’s initial custody recommendation is made when parents are unable to agree to a custody plan; the court tends to ‘rubber-stamp’ the recommendation, and it becomes critical to all custody orders.

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