Rose Mueller

The Founder’s spouse and partner, Rosalinda Mueller, co-founded A Father’s Rights Law Center in San Diego, which serviced the cities of Encinitas, San Marcos and Escondido, California over 27 years ago.
Rose is our acting office manager and maintains day to day contact with clients. She provides answers to the questions placed by fathers, husbands, father’s mothers and even father’s new wives about the procedures and costs for family law proceedings.

Clients regularly approvingly comment about her care and attention for the most basic information repetitively requested day-in and day-out. In addition to fielding initial inquiries she enjoys writing, problem-solving and says that she enjoys most of all responding to client requests.

As a computer science graduate of U. C. Berkeley, she has been managing and overseeing our business needs and works to coordinate and foster our firm’s charitable and good-will liaisons with local religious groups, The BBB and the Chamber Of Commerce since 1990. The mother of 7 children, and multiple grandchildren, Rose amazes all who know her with her eternal optimism and effusive spirit.