Building The Bridge


Having represented fathers since 1984 as a father’s rights lawyer I have been touched by the lives and struggles of perhaps five thousand fathers who have sought our legal advice. Each life that has touched our site for advice has left a brush stroke comprising an assembled portrait of the landscape of family life in transition if not fracture.

The healing process is what keeps one’s chin up through the years struggling with each father who passes us by on his walk in leadership for his children’s future. And memorable above all fathers have been those who said ‘no’ to temptation to get even.

Those who came to ask for help and not for retribution are they who have over come. They have over come because they come to build a bridge to the future, not for the demolition of those who have hurt them. They come as builders not as saboteurs, some as leaders to a brighter future for their children, some as teachers to show their children a hope for a brighter tomorrow, and some as healers to reach across the battlefield that smolders over courtroom floors that consume judges whose average tolerance for the assignment with hope for survival for a healthy retirement cannot be more than two years.

The bridge pictured here is the first of its kind built in Europe after the war in 1963. Its span eventually would cover the Tagus River from Lisbon to the Christ Memorial on the opposite shore at Almada, Portugal. It was a bridge designed and assembled by Pittsburgh Bridge And Steel and shipped from New Orleans on a hundred voyages to offloading in the Tagus estuary from 1962 to 1965 when it was completed. The design rhymes in style and engineering with the Oakland Bay Bridge also designed and assembled by the same company. It was a bridge that I as a cadet midshipman transported seventy, 70-ton sub assemblies aboard my third academy training voyage in November 1963 the week before the world would change forever when the president was shot in Dallas. For me the The 25 de Abril Bridge (Ponte 25 de Abril “25th of April Bridge”) is symbolic for the life I have chosen to follow. I have been challenged in school, sports, marriage, health and professional life to continuously build the bridge of life that sustains, supports and transports those who have followed me into the future.

I started my practice as a commercial litigation attorney forty years ago working for a major corporate law firm in Chicago with among the top fortune five hundred corporations as clientele. Even then bridges were being built to overcome broken promises and unfair business practices as well as unwarranted government intrusion and accusations made against our clients.

So too today I now have among our clientele fathers for whom promises have been made and broken, who have been unfairly accused of abuse and neglect or who have been stripped of parental access to their children by falsified and exaggerated charges of misconduct.

Every case involves a bridge broken. Every case calls for bridge building, whether for the passage through the court system or for reunification for fathers and children. As an engineer by degree and a lawyer by profession I offer my services to help fathers build bridges to a new and brighter future. I have the plans. Let us show you the way. Peter Mueller,


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