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When Is it Time to Move on from a Job?

If you love the work you do, it doesn’t necessarily always feel like work. But if your career has you feeling burned out, overwhelmed, or perhaps even unsettled, you may be experiencing the telltale signs that it’s time to move … Continue reading

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What Does Divorce Do to Your Career?

People don’t get married with the intention of getting divorced, though according to recent statistics, about one-third of current marriages will end in one. While this is up from the popular myth that posits nearly half of all married couples … Continue reading

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Why You Should Consider Dating a Single Dad

Today, your chances of dating a man with children at some point in your life is quite high — according to a Pew Research Center study, there are about 2.6 million of them out there. While dating a man with … Continue reading

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The Difficulties of Dating as a Single Dad

While many single fathers seek the connection, support, and personal fulfillment of a romantic relationship, being a dad makes dating a bit more complicated than it was before your life with kids. There are unique challenges to balancing single fatherhood … Continue reading

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Dealing With Stress at Work during a Divorce

Going through the divorce process can put stress on multiple areas in a man’s life – but you wouldn’t always assume your work life would be affected, too. After all, keeping the personal and the professional separate is what we’ve … Continue reading

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Post-Divorce: How Long to Wait Until You Date

Navigating the waters following a divorce can be challenging. Not only are you more emotionally vulnerable, but those who were close to the relationship are also likely feeling the effects of what happened. There comes a point when you may … Continue reading

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What to Do When Your Kids Dislike a New Partner

There’s a long adjustment period after a divorce, especially if there are children involved. Though you may feel like you’re ready to start dating, not everyone may be on the same page. When your children meet your new love, they … Continue reading

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Dating after Divorce: The Top 3 Life-Limiting Misconceptions

No matter how many times divorcees swear they’ll never re-marry, the draw to find a life partner often proves irresistible. Look at poor Mogli from The Jungle Book. He’s having a great old time out there with Baloo the Bear, … Continue reading

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Introducing Kids to Your New Partner: Guidelines to Consider

Psychologists peg divorce as one of the worst experiences humans endure, but those in the middle of a split cling to one potential future reward: the prospect of finding someone who will make them happy. Hope acts as a balm, … Continue reading


How to Create Happy Holidays for your Kids Despite the Divorce

Celebrating the holidays can be tricky for families going through a divorce. Some parents try to overcompensate with elaborate gifts and big parties. Others try to keep everything as normal seeming as possible, as if nothing has changed. Therapists tell … Continue reading

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