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Navigating Military Divorce in California

Going through a divorce can be difficult on its own, but when one of the spouses is in the military, it adds a whole new layer of questions. Fortunately, there are systems in place to ease the process for military … Continue reading

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What Is Temporary vs. Long-Term Spousal Support?

If you have questions about spousal support, otherwise known as alimony, you’re not alone. Spousal support comes in two general types: temporary and long-term. When you go through a divorce in California, you or your ex-spouse may apply for one, … Continue reading

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What You Need to Know About Amending the Terms of Child Support

As the lives of you and your child move forward, child support payments may require modification. The court system is flexible to this, but changes must be legally approved and meet certain requirements. In California, parents must demonstrate that there … Continue reading

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What Does Divorce Do to Your Career?

People don’t get married with the intention of getting divorced, though according to recent statistics, about one-third of current marriages will end in one. While this is up from the popular myth that posits nearly half of all married couples … Continue reading

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Dealing With Stress at Work during a Divorce

Going through the divorce process can put stress on multiple areas in a man’s life – but you wouldn’t always assume your work life would be affected, too. After all, keeping the personal and the professional separate is what we’ve … Continue reading

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Post-Divorce: How Long to Wait Until You Date

Navigating the waters following a divorce can be challenging. Not only are you more emotionally vulnerable, but those who were close to the relationship are also likely feeling the effects of what happened. There comes a point when you may … Continue reading

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Dating after Divorce: The Top 3 Life-Limiting Misconceptions

No matter how many times divorcees swear they’ll never re-marry, the draw to find a life partner often proves irresistible. Look at poor Mogli from The Jungle Book. He’s having a great old time out there with Baloo the Bear, … Continue reading

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How to Create Happy Holidays for your Kids Despite the Divorce

Celebrating the holidays can be tricky for families going through a divorce. Some parents try to overcompensate with elaborate gifts and big parties. Others try to keep everything as normal seeming as possible, as if nothing has changed. Therapists tell … Continue reading

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The Impact of Parental Alienation

While divorce itself is devastating, the manner in which parents behave afterwards can have more intense, long-term impact upon children than the split. When one parent criticizes the other and keeps the child away from the other parent, he or … Continue reading

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There are 5 Types of Divorce in California. Which is Best for You?

Now that you’ve made the difficult decision to divorce, your next move is to review the types of divorce that will best ensure long-term emotional and financial well-being for yourself and your children. There is no one best way to … Continue reading

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