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Raise Good Kids By Teaching Them These 3 Values

As a father, you have many roles in the life of your child: caregiver, protector, role model, and provider. But it’s important to remember one of the most crucial jobs a parent has —  they are their children’s teacher. Values … Continue reading

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6 Family Vacations to Plan

As a parent, planning a family vacation requires some extra consideration. It’s not easy to blend fun and education, balance relaxing time with exciting activities for the kids, and throw in at least a few things that you want to … Continue reading

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5 Tips for Flying with Your Baby

Babies on airplanes get a pretty bad rap, especially in the age of social media. You’ve probably read a Tweet or two about adults who had a rough flying experience due to a crying little one. It happens – but … Continue reading

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Avoiding Illness While Traveling: How to Stay Healthy

One of the best parts of going on vacation with your kids is picking out fun souvenirs to bring home with you. But, there’s one souvenir no one wants to come home with – the flu. Sniffles, stomach bugs, and … Continue reading

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Road Trip Games to Keep Your Kids Entertained

If you’re a single dad, the thought of keeping your kids entertained during a long car journey, while maintaining enough focus so that you can stay safe on the road, might be terrifying. However, whether it’s a family vacation, or … Continue reading

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How to Balance Job Hunting and Parenting

Managing a stable work-life balance is difficult for any parent, but as a single parent, it can sometimes feel impossible. Single parenting is an ongoing challenge, as it essentially means you work two full time jobs – one in the … Continue reading

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Introducing Kids to Your New Partner: Guidelines to Consider

Psychologists peg divorce as one of the worst experiences humans endure, but those in the middle of a split cling to one potential future reward: the prospect of finding someone who will make them happy. Hope acts as a balm, … Continue reading


The Best Books about Being a Dad

Being a parent is perhaps one of the most difficult and rewarding challenges a person will ever face. After all, as a parent you become responsible for the safety, development, and happiness of another person. So where can you turn … Continue reading

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When Your Child is a Picky Eater

Many single parents struggle with children that are picky eaters. This can happen to many kids, even those who started out with an adventurous outlook toward food. It’s a good idea to think about various strategies and mindsets to avoid … Continue reading

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Simple Recipes for Healthy, Tasty School Night Dinners

As rewarding and amazing as children can be, we all know how stressful it can be to combine work and school routines, with healthy food and good nutrition. When you’re dealing with a deadline at work, encouraging your kids to … Continue reading

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