Fathers Rights

What should I know about my children?

California courts consider children their highest priority. They are protected through the court proceedings and are not exposed to the litigation or other aspects of the process. Mediation is required for all custody & visitation matters, and mediators are available at no cost from the court.

At the Father’s Rights Law Center®, our philosophy is to develop parenting partnership rather than a prisoner of war mentality when it comes to issues involving children. Our motto is to develop a foundation for the future on all custody and visitation plans. Frequently, the best plans that evolve are the plans that are individually developed by the parents rather than by the court system.

Our goal is to develop an interim plan with court orders; the interim could be anywhere from two weeks to a year before the parenting partners start developing a rapport and a need to share as each of them goes on with their new lives.

We at Father’s Rights Law Center® have also been successful at various strategies including psychological evaluations in cases of parental alienation.