Military Custody Rights

What if I am in the military?

Here in San Diego, we have represented military clients and their families for the past 30 years. Family lawyer Peter Mueller graduated from the Federal Maritime Academy graduate with honors and is a retired member of the United States Navy (formerly an officer). He is especially capable of working with clients with a military background.

The Father’s Rights Law Center® has been able to coordinate parenting plans for military clients while they are on deployment in a manner that has facilitated contact with the children while at the same time taking into consideration that the father or mother in the military is going to be serving their country.

We help minimize support during deployment and take parenting time into consideration. We are familiar with the Federal Uniform Services Former Spouse Protection Act with regard to retirement issues and the 10 year rule as it impacts retirees and making payments to former spouse with regard to pension.

We are especially staffed here at Father’s Rights Law Center® with our paralegal Don Park, a retired naval enlisted member of the United States Navy. Don served in the U.S. Navy for 25 years and has worked for the FRLC for over 3 years. He has knowledge to assist each father with regard to special problems and to counsel them as issues and problems arise.