Father’s Rights

Representing Husbands & Fathers throughout California

Founded in 1984, The Father’s Rights Law Center® has since concentrated its legal representation on men, husbands, and fathers. And our reception in the field was immediate — in fact we have found during the past 25-plus years that a substantial source of referrals has been from women, including our clients’ mothers, sisters and new mates.

The Father’s Rights Law Center® does not believe that custody is right for every father, but that every father should have an equal right to custody.

Husbands and Fathers Have Legal Rights

Parenting opportunities for fathers have significantly expanded over the past five years as more and more mothers enter the work force. Back when mothers were almost always granted custody, fathers were treated as occasional parents who would not be expected to play a significant role in their children’s lives. However, as more and more mothers enter the workforce full time and as more and more fathers wish to have meaningful relationships with their children, the tide has turned.

Before most states adopted the preference of joint custody in the 1980s, mothers often had complete control over their children’s lives. Parental Alienation Syndrome was noted in the 1980s, and in 1992, Columbia Professor of Child Psychiatry, Dr. Richard Gardner published the book The Parental Alienation Syndrome. Symptoms of PAS were recognized in families who were going through a divorce.

Often the children hated one parent and even made allegations of abuse that were suspicious or outright false. The children’s feelings were in response to one parent (often the mother) denigrating the other parent (often the father) and negatively influencing the children’s feelings. In this way, children were often turned against their fathers.

Ensuring Your Rights Are Protected

We work with fathers to best present their parenting plan to the family mediators employed by the Superior Court. Our attorneys also work with prominent child psychologists in initiating joint custodial parenting plans acceptable to the court. This practice helps the father prepare a reasonable parenting plan consistent with family history and needs.

Attorney Peter Mueller works with the family courts to ensure that the rights of the father are represented and protected throughout the dissolution process. At The Father’s Rights Law Center®, our goal is to facilitate the development of parenting partnerships rather than a prisoner of war mentality with regards to the children. In cases of Parental Alienation, we implement various strategies including psychological evaluations by trained experts.

To ensure that your rights as a father are protected throughout your divorce, it is imperative to choose a law firm that understands your needs and that will be devoted to protecting your rights in court.

Divorce can be adversarial and difficult, but the Father’s Rights Law Center® makes every effort to work with you to protect your children and ensure that they remain shielded from the process.

Your First Step

The Father’s Rights Law Center® provides complimentary consultations during which we can discuss the details of your family and how best to proceed.

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