Old Fashion Fairness

Just last week our client requested that we stare down mother’s attorney’s demand for a contribution to his fees as a condition for instituting a new parenting plan for dad’s preschool age child with disabilities. After pinning mother down to her specious objections to father’s ability to reliably share in his child’s care, the mother and her legal team decided to throw in the towel. Father would by stipulation share time with his beautiful little princess both before preschool and on midweek and weekend overnights when he would administer the prescribed medications and breathing treatments.
After mother’s refusal to agree to shared responsibilities, our legal team noticed mother’s deposition and cross examined her claims that father had been inept and falsified his claims for reliable treatments during his timeshare in the past. Submitting mother’s deposition for trial we received an offer to forego the trial the day before and stipulate to shared custody. We agreed.
Then just before close of business, mother’s legal team sprang her new term, $2000 towards her fees. Our team pointed out that we were fully satisfied that no fees would be ordered at trial and with our client’s approval, we declined the offer.
Next a flurry of last minute calls, $1000? No! $500? No! $500 at $50 per month? No!
We were encouraged by dad’s resoluteness. Just before close of business, then, dad prevailed. No fees, was mom’s final concession. We had suggested that mom contribute to dad’s fees just moments before to punctuate the client’s resolve.
Dad is now on track for shared parenting and has reached out to mom to work together in a new shared parenting partnership.
Peter Mueller Esq. Certified Specialist. February 2013.


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