One For The Father and Child

“Father shall have Alex every Monday and Tuesday overnight and alternate weekends and half of all holidays and half of all no school vacations,” effective January, the court ruled Tuesday — Joint Physical and Legal Custody for the Child, a new four year old. Mother had taken Father for a long journey in alienation with Alex ever since the blue eyed, flowing blond haired two year old was old enough to overnight multiply during the week with Dad. Coaching the child to protest sleeping at Daddy’s and to proclaim ‘mommy needs me’, little Alex had been confronted with shading and brain washing since 2009, when Mom moved out and retained counsel.

Father, a licensed professional working independently in his home office business by the ocean, made time to spare to care for Alex. Two mediators and three mediation reports later consistently provided Father with increasing time with the growing toddler, over mother’s tearful protests.
Mother — well represented by experienced counsel — resisted until the last day of trial Father’s overnights with Alex. Complicating matters had been Mother’s suit filed against Father on contingent fee by a personal injury specialist to recover for what she claimed to have been the transmission to her of disease, that after two years of litigation FathersRights Law Center was able to defense lifting the shadow of accusation and persecution from Father both as the hydra of besmirchment painting Mother as victim, and portraying her as disabled from gainful employment.

Aggressive litigation tactics soon leveled the playing field as the civil action was discounted and dismissed by settlement, freeing Father for focus on his family — rebuilding at home through his engagement and with Alex as his child’s resource, playhouse architect, sailing and surfing coach and skiing instructor.

Smitten, Alex now thrives. Through counseling offered through the affordable and medical insurance friendly psychology services referred by
FathersRights.Com, Father has applied eye opening tactics to attempt to over come the negativity of legal rivalry in favor of building lasting co-parenting partnership with Mother now exposed from behind her veil of accusation and alienation.

The best antidote to brainwashing alienation by Mom, Dr. Richard Gardner had testified for the firm twenty years ago, is Dad’s steadfastly applied prescription of good will to counter by his parenting performance the Mother’s false campaign calculated to estrange Father and child.

Last seen Alex and Dad were walking the harbor, hand in hand for Alex’s next adventure underway on Dad’s Bayliner cruiser.

Last seen Mom ran crying in defiant protest to the Judge’s ruling from the courtroom — Father fully primed to continue his fence mending efforts to salve for Alex future wounds that will surely result unless Alex regains the willing cooperation of both parents for his welfare and best interests. PJM

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