Pure Joy


The two year old entered the Dana Point family hotel elevator window- backed to the courtyard holding his breath in surprised suspense as the doors closed behind and the elevator car dropped towards the pool floor level below. Contained excitement burst forth as the little guy just old enough to have just learned to run — jumped with jubilance during his moment of weightless free fall. As the lift came to rest the little beaming one blurted to another passenger, ‘Are you going swimming too?’. Receiving a thumbs up in acknowledgement that yes, he too was headed for the hotel family pool, the bubbling child jump started his father pool-ward shrieking ‘swim, swim’ as his dad barely contained his son, not wanting to dampen his enthusiasm while softly cautioning at the hotel keyed pool gate, ‘Willie, we can’t run at the pool, hold my hand!’.

Minutes later Willie was wading in the circular shallow end of the children’s pond goggles in place diving for his pool throw toys and sharing with his newly met little fellow toddler-companions searching in squadron patrol formation for the blue, green and yellow plastic toy fish scattered along the pool bottom while his dad had connected with another playmate’s father keenly in watch for their children’s safety on their submarine adventure.

As the summer holidays approach, Memorial Day, Father’s Day and the Fourth, some of the best memories of parenthood are generating for American
Families — of all kinds: intact, single and blended. What greater life purpose do we as parents experience than sharing our children’s introduction to the joys of life while we faintly again recall that that little guy and gal now first experiencing the unparalleled joys of new excitements were perhaps once us as children as we first experienced the new and exciting with like intensity?

Let little Willie’s excitement lead us to prosper as leaders for our children of divorce to sacrifice when we are called upon to sacrifice, and give back when we are called upon to give back for the Willie’s and Susie’s in our lives that they can share in the joys of childhood that provide purpose and direction for the vigilant and responsible. FathersRights.com

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