Titanic Centennial & “Dead Beat Dad”

On the centennial for the Titanic disaster USC Classical Radio reported the story of one musician who perished whose family was billed by White Star Lines for the cost of their son’s lost uniform. Treated as second class citizens in Nineteenth Century British Society members of the ship’s orchestra played on while the ship sank that brought recognition for hero status for the Orchestra Conductor throughout England and the world. Yet the class standards of the time did not let that interfere with the shipping company’s exercise of injustice over from above the advantage of class privilege.
Like second class citizens from a bygone era, fathers today also face the indignity of bias and prejudice wrought from the ignominy of the label “Dead Beat” when falling behind on support obligations where too often ignorance of court rules is the culprit for the arrearages sometime mounting to six figures simply because Dad lost his job and was not aware that he must file a motion to modify or the court cannot under current rules change the order retroactively even if Dad is able to show years later that he had no income, was disabled or that Mom had hidden and Dad had nowhere to send the payments, or even if he had no knowledge of the order.
Making matters worse, caving to Federal Welfare Laws legislated by representatives blind to injustices they portend, State Representatives have legislated away the availability for disadvantaged Dads of classical defenses to these injustices available in commercial and criminal courts such as limitations statutes, and equitable defenses like “Unclean Hands” and “Laches”, in the rush by our State Legislatures to preserve entitlement to Federal Welfare Funds flowing from Washington that are conditioned on vigorous collection laws and procedures targeting these victims of second class status in our Family Courts.
Must Dads wait for a Century before the ignominy of second class status is recognized and deplored?
Fathers Rights Law Center has been successful when asserting one of the last remaining equitable defenses left standing in California, namely the defense doctrine called “equitable estoppel” that is based on fraud, even though Dad must prove the fraud by Mom by the elevated standard of “clear and convincing” evidence. At a time when the President is promoting Mothers to include outed Fathers in the fractured families filling the fabric of American family life, American Jurisprudence must recognize the inequity of the current injustices ensnaring Fathers in our Family Courts.

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