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Making custody sharing plans work takes both parents’ cooperation and planning. Probably the most difficult and emotionally charged issues facing divorcing parents is child sharing cooperation. After all how can parents whose lawyers are forcing win-lose tactics in court blustering to take no prisoners suddenly be expected to shift gears and play nice where little Louie is concerned? Even more confrontational embattlements require scaling where false allegations of child abuse have been filed. Rejected as incredible, now forcing the false accuser to charitably share Little Lois with the father Mom recently attempted to skewer as a perpetrator, cannot be expected to go smoothly.
Keeping the peace police calls cannot always timely assure that little Louie and Lois will actually end up seeing Dad.
All the psychological studies prove, if nothing else, that parental interference with children’s contacts with both parents causes grave injury to the very children the recalcitrant parent is trying to manage away from the children’s timely and safe transition to the other parent. That’s why the courts often require custody exchanges at police stations. How comforting must that be for children to be made to believe that parents are so evil or unreliable as to require police oversight?
“Custody X Change” software is one
Program to help parents perfect a solution where they want to cooperate to see that exchanges accomplish timely and smoothly.
The heart of the matter, however, is in the hearts of Mom and Dad — without a forgiving spirit and a truly loving sense of protective oversight for their children of divorce — no electronic digital software program will help save precious Little Louie and Little Lois from trauma every day a custody exchange is to occur.
Wrecking your own adult lives is bad enough without electrocuting the hearts and minds of your children as an extension of your anger and design for retribution.
Lawyers too often fear taking the high road for fear of losing a client. Remember, as soon as your money dries up, most lawyers are going to cut and run — and probably talk shop amongst their brethren about you later as examples of why they never should have taken your case in the first place. Lawyers who stand up for children are sights for sore hearts. Few and far between.
So you need to take charge and when it comes to your children, lay down your arms that fire hate, and pick your children up in arms that support love and nurture and faithfulness — if not to your parenting partner, then to and for your little defenseless ones. PJM ‘FathersRights.Com’.

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