Summer Break Ideas For You and Your Daughter

A father and his daughter make cookies standing in the kitchenBetween work, home management, and life’s many other responsibilities, fathers often struggle to spend enough time with their daughters. Though you might not be able to control the number of bonding sessions you get, you can manage the quality of the time that you spend together by planning some fantastic activities.

Now that summer is here, you have the perfect chance to take advantage of the school break and schedule some much-needed quality time with your daughter. After all, some one-on-one time with dad can be the perfect way to make your little lady feel extra special. All you need to do is figure out what will grab her interest and keep her smiling throughout the day.

Need some inspiration? Here are just some ideas of what you can do when spending time with your daughter during this summer break.

1. Baking and Cooking Classes

Let’s be honest: most kids don’t have great diets. When left to their own devices, they prefer something fast, deep-fried, or easy to throw in a microwave. Baking and cooking with your daughter can start to develop a healthy passion that will stay with her throughout her life.

If you’re not much of a food maestro yourself, then you could always consider signing the two of you up for weekly cooking classes over the summer. There are countless kitchens out there that are happy to welcome fathers, daughters, and sons into their lessons. Here, you can both discover healthy eating habits, and even uncover a few new family recipes, too.

2. Build Something Together

If your daughter’s the creative type, and you know your way around a hammer and saw, then why not teach her how to build something? If your daughter’s a little younger, you could ask her to help paint parts of a dollhouse while you do all the dangerous stuff. On the other hand, if she’s older, you could teach her some simple DIY tricks and build a birdhouse together.

Kids love creating things, and once the building process is over, you’ll have even more time to spend together while you decide how to decorate your brand-new creation. On top of that, you’ll end up with an item that she’ll cherish for years to come.

3. Head to a Pool or Water Park

When summer heats up, it’s a good idea to spend some time cooling off at the pool. Whether you’re simply spending some time splashing around and cooling down together, or you’re looking for thrills at a local water park, you’re sure to have plenty of fun. You might even find that your daughter feels more comfortable trying out some bigger slides because she feels safe with you by her side.

4. Get Sporty Indoors

If the weather doesn’t cooperate with your plans, or it’s too warm to spend much time outdoors, you can still show your daughter your sporty side indoors. Go rock climbing together at an indoor climbing wall. This activity will give both of you some exercise, and teach your daughter that she can rely on you to catch her when she falls.

Alternatively, why not take your daughter to an indoor roller-skating rink? You can both get your heart rate pumping while your daughter enjoys the excitement and speed of an activity that’s great for all ages.

5. Discover Ancient History

A trip to a local museum can be a great way to foster an interest in history, or to just learn something new together. However, it’s worth remembering that history isn’t just about places and dates. A truly incredible historical experience can be about discovering the people who lived through specific events.

Perhaps you could tour a historical spot, and learn more about the people who lived there hundreds of years ago. Alternatively, why not focus on your own personal history? Make a time capsule and bury it somewhere secret, or take your daughter to see the house you grew up in.

6. Learn Something New Together

When you’re feeling uncertain, it’s usually a good idea to plan an activity where both you and your daughter are out of your element. Learning something new together is a great way to bond with your little girl, because she can see you struggle and succeed right alongside her. You’ll both be on level playing fields, and the competition will add to the experience.

For learning something new, the opportunities are endless. You could try making your own chocolates at a chocolate factory, attend a watercolor painting class, or design your own pottery.

7. Unwind with Daddy-Daughter Yoga

Finally, if all this activity leaves you searching for a way to unwind, then why not take in a relaxing daddy-daughter yoga class? There are countless health centers and gyms now offering parent and child sessions for pairs who want to learn how the art of yoga together.

You can both start your classes as absolute beginners, learning mindful activities and new ways to stay calm. In fact, these lessons could even help you to relax after a day at the office, or give your daughter the peace she needs to avoid panicking in the face of exams. Plus, you’ll give your daughter countless reasons to laugh with you as you fumble your way through poses.

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