The Future For Fathers


Our little men today will be Fathers tomorrow. In an America challenged with unemployment and recession we hold dear to the over arching guiding light that as our generation struggles with the adjustments promoting individual liberty and elimination of bias, we balance our reach to climb having regard for those after us clinging to our shoulders. The new world promises better. For professionals today the call from tomorrow should be audible every time a child is left behind, every time a child is denied the love and compassion of both parents – and both parents’ extended families. Too often in our experience children of divorce are trapped between the unbending milieu of overcrowded dockets and new judges in training and overwhelmed social services managing the child custody and visitation issues involved.
Advocates for change must emphasize to the Legislature, Governor and Judiciary that professionals trained as family lawyers be promoted to the bench, not lawyers trained as prosecutors and civil attorneys for whom family law assignments are tedious, unfamiliar and unpopular.
The little ones deserve better from us.

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