Why a Father’s Law Center?

Why do clients seek out a father’s law center? More than half of our clients are women who realize the unfair biases against fathers that are built into the existing family law system. These biases include the idea that only mothers can be proper parents and fathers can’t work and co-parent at the same time. At Father’s Rights Law Center, we hope to correct these biases through various strategies and ensure a positive experience for you and your family.

Father’s Rights and Children

Children are the most important parties in any divorce. They deserve great care and love from both parents, but fathers are frequently alienated from their children due to unfair custody proceedings. Fathers are often set up to fail. Through Father’s Rights Law Center, we can provide legal counsel, coaching, and guidance to reduce alienation and reunite fathers with their kids.

What About Support?

Child support is mandated by the U.S. Congress, giving each state the chance to develop its own guidelines and standards. California has some of the highest guidelines in the country and is distinctly time share sensitive, meaning the supporting parents pays less based on the amount of time he or she spends with the children. Through income and expense declarations, we can help fathers balance the time they spend with their children while reducing the amount of support they need to pay.

Using vocational assessment, we can determine if your child’s mother is fit to work, which would affect her income and thus the amount of spousal and child support you would be required to pay. Support is also affected by the length of your marriage. You must pay support after a long marriage – a marriage lasting 10 or more years – for an indefinite period of time. Father’s Rights Law Center can help you reduce the amount of support you need to pay while encouraging a more hopeful, loving relationship with your children.

Divorce in the Military

Father’s Rights Law Centers has been representing military personnel for the past 30 years. We follow the Uniform Services Protection Act and have the utmost respect for those serving in the military. We base our solutions around acta non verba – actions over rhetoric – to protect military fathers and ensure that they receive fair custody, visitation, and support rights even after deployment.

When Will My Case Be Over?

Father’s rights cases vary in length from 1 to 3 months to over a year. We focus on a four-quarter system in which we:

1. Attain temporary court orders for custody, visitation, and support rights during the duration of the case
2. Attempt to settle the case in a friendly, fair manner
3. Take the case through court-assisted settlement procedures
4. Take the case to final trial

During the settlement phase, we also develop a parenting plan oversight program to improve your custody and visitation, reduce the support you pay, and increase the amount of time you spend with your kids. Our goal at Father’s Rights Law Center is to help you find balance and finality to foster a loving relationship with your family.