Weekend with the Kids: 48 Hours of Fun

If you have shared custody of your children, the moments you do have together mean so much more. The best way to pack the most fun into your time together is to plan ahead. Here are some suggestions from Father’s Rights for spending a fun weekend with your kids, and making every second count.


  • Start by taking your kids to breakfast. It doesn’t have to be anywhere special , but kids always enjoy a chance to get treated to pancakes and orange juice.
  • Head to a local park. Work off some of the excess energy from breakfast by heading to a free, local park with plenty of green space. Pull out the Frisbee or football and make up your own versions of the sports. Pack a picnic lunch and enjoy it in the beautiful sun.
  • Catch a matinee movie. Cool off together by catching an early movie. Theaters are usually less crowded at these times and tickets are cheaper. Let your kids pick out the movie that you see.
  • Head to the grocery store. Ask your kids what they want for dinner and head to the store as a family to pick up the ingredients. Let them pick out a few separate food items or snacks to have back at the house. Don’t forget about dessert!
  • Cook together. Back at the house, find easy ways for your kids to help in the dinner preparations. Assign age-appropriate kitchen tasks for kids and employ their help in setting the table.
  • Eat family dinner around the table (not in front of the TV). Enjoy the food that you’ve all prepared together and talk about plans for Sunday.
  • Relax together. Spend the rest of the evening just being together, whether you watch television together, read a book, or just sit near each other in the living room tapping away on electronic devices.


  • Make them breakfast in bed. They will get a kick out of the room service and you can show them your breakfast specialties.
  • Head to church or just take a neighborhood stroll. If your family belongs to a church, use Sunday morning to attend worship services. If you are non-church goers, take a long walk together around the neighborhood and enjoy the nice weather and great company.
  • Meet up with friends for lunch. Invite friends to your home or meet out somewhere. Ideally these friends will have children around the ages of your kids, but even adult ones can provide a new, fun perspective.
  • Spend the rest of the afternoon getting ready for the week. This is a great time to check in with your kids and see what’s coming up on their schedules. Help out with homework, practice music or sports skills with them, and find ways to incorporate yourself in the days that you will not see them.
  • Eat dinner together. Before your kids head out for the week, take one last opportunity to eat a meal together and talk about life. Talk about your favorite parts of the weekend and let them know that you are looking forward to the next time you are all together.

You don’t have to spend a lot to give your kids a fun time every time you are together. Look for ways to unplug and just be a family. They will appreciate your efforts and look forward to the next weekend visit. 

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