Why You Should Consider Dating a Single Dad

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Today, your chances of dating a man with children at some point in your life is quite high — according to a Pew Research Center study, there are about 2.6 million of them out there. While dating a man with kids comes with its own set of unique challenges, that doesn’t mean you can’t find love in the arms of a single dad.

In fact, many people who have tested the waters suggest that if you’ve removed single dads from your search for romance, you’re doing it wrong. After all, you’re unlikely to stumble across a more caring or selfless guy than one who’s spent years raising children on his own. There are many great reasons to consider dating a single dad over your traditional childless guy.

Single Dads Are Mature (Children Force us to Grow Up)

No matter your age, whether you’re in your 20’s or your 50’s, you’ve likely run into a few “man-children” in the dating world. You know the type: the single guy who goes out every weekend to the bars, who barely has a savings account, and whose fridge contains just a gallon of milk, a jar of pickles, and seven beers.

Not all single guys fit this bill, but you will encounter those who haven’t quite matured yet, and are still focused entirely on having fun. Single dads simply don’t have this luxury. As any parent will tell you, kids instantly put the world into perspective. When you meet a man who’s also a father, rest assured that any self-centered or reckless habits he had started dropping the moment he saw his first born’s face. A single dad has a specific set of priorities, and this means:

  • He won’t shirk responsibility. While other men might begrudge requests to pick up extra groceries, a single dad steps up to the plate — he truly knows the meaning of responsibility. He has little lives depending on him, and there’s nothing that teaches a person to to be responsible more than that.
  • He won’t shy away from serious conversations. Single dads don’t run a mile when important topics come up (“Do you ever want more kids?” or “Are we ready to move in together?”). They talk, listen, and make tough decisions every day. They know how important it is to discuss the difficult stuff.
  • He doesn’t invent drama. When there’s a child to take care of, people simply don’t have the physical or emotional energy to come up with pointless hang-ups. Nothing is a big deal unless it really is important — single dads have usually gained the wisdom to differentiate between the two.

Single Dads Can Look After Themselves (and You)

A single dad is handy, self-sufficient, and equipped to handle any problem that might arise. As a lone parent, he’s had to learn to be quick on his feet, and adapt to various situations. These are the guys that are ready to listen, fix things, and offer a helping hand whenever you need it.

Listening skills come in handy in romantic relationships — and single dads have them to spare. As the only parent available, he’s likely developed practically superhuman skills for listening, understanding, and supporting; when you talk, he’s going to hear you.

At the same time, he’s not afraid of embarrassment and he won’t get freaked out easily. If a single dad has little girls (or even boys, in some cases), you can bet he’s spent time getting his nails or makeup done. Raising kids teaches people about the strength it takes to let your sensitive side show. A single father is prepared to be goofy and humble at times, to put others first, and to take all of life’s “icky” moments in stride.

Single Dads and Single Moms Are On the Same Page

If you’re a single mom, then single dads should probably be at the front of your dating search; these are the only people who truly understand the effort required to raise children. Single fathers have been through a lot of the things you’ve been through, and they’re likely experiencing the very same heartaches and anxieties you struggle with every day. In other words, they’re the perfect person to talk to about your parenting concerns, stresses, and more.

You may be able to connect and laugh over stories of spilled milk, embarrassing restaurant outings, or tantrums in the mall. You’re better prepared to support and comfort each other in times of self-doubt, or in the challenge to juggle all of life’s tasks. Best of all, although dating a single dad requires the understanding that his kids will come first, he’ll also understand that your kids come first for you. Single moms in the dating scene know that not everyone is compassionate when you have to cancel a dinner date because your child is sick; or you’re late to the movie theater because the babysitter didn’t show up on time. A single dad gets it — more likely than not, he’s been there himself a few times.  

Parenthood changes everyone, and dating another parent puts you in a great position to find someone that you can connect with on a deeper, profound level.

Single Dads Are Looking for Serious Relationships

Single fathers aren’t trying to play the field, or add notches to their bedpost. They’re seeking mature, serious partners who are interested in a long term commitment. When you date a single dad, the reality is, you’re also dating his children; and introducing a new person to the kids is a huge and important step. The last thing any parent wants is to let their child meet a new romantic interest, only to have that person disappear next week. In other words, single dads are in it for the long haul.

A father is only going to bring you into his life — and his kids lives — if he really likes you, and sees a potential future with you. That does mean he may take the relationship at a slower pace than you’re used to, as he wants to get to know you closely before he’s ready to introduce you to the kids. Waiting a little longer before meeting the family or having a real sleepover is worth it, because you’re taking the time to get to know each other and determine if you’re truly compatible.

When you date a single dad, you’re making an investment into a life with this person. It’s about having fun, sure, but ultimately, you’re both looking to make love work — and in the dating world, that’s really as good as it gets.

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