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Are you a father or husband faced with a pending divorce? Are you dealing with property division or child custody/support issues? Perhaps you’re facing a situation where you’re being alienated as a parent or the mother of your children has given you notice of intent to relocate with the children. These are serious issues that can permeate every area of your life creating emotional and financial distress. I know because I’ve experienced it all myself. Unfortunately our legal system adds to all the stresses of divorce by leaning in favor of the mother by default. Without a careful strategic approach to your case you could be at a disadvantage right from the start.

Father’s Rights Law Center® was created to ensure your rights as a husband and father are represented and protected throughout the marriage dissolution process.

Father’s Rights Law Center® is uniquely positioned to help you find solutions and strategies that will best serve you and your case. I invite you to prove it to yourself by educating and arming yourself by taking advantage of our complimentary consultation.

Representing Husbands & Fathers throughout California

Founded in 1984, The Father’s Rights Law Center has since concentrated its legal representation on men, husbands, and fathers. And our reception in the field was immediate — in fact we have found during the past 20 years that a substantial source of referrals has been from women, including our clients’ mothers, sisters and new mates.

Husbands and Fathers Have Legal Rights

The Father’s Rights Law Center does not believe that custody is right for every father, but that every father should have an equal right to custody. Parenting opportunities for fathers have significantly expanded over the past five years as more and more mothers enter the work force. We work with fathers to best present their parenting plan to the family mediators employed by the Superior Court. Our attorneys also work with prominent child psychologists in initiating joint custodial parenting plans acceptable to the court. This practice helps the father prepare a reasonable parenting plan consistent with family history and needs.

Complimentary Consultation

It is our goal at the Fathers Rights Law Center to assist husbands and fathers, both, to develop a litigation strategy best suited to your needs and the needs of your children to deal with difficult and stressful issues surrounding custody, divorce, support and property division issues pending in the California court system. Your initial consultation will be complimentary and you will be under no obligation. We will give you our candid and forthright evaluation of your legal situation and available options to reach the best solution for you and your children and family. Our goal for our clients is to counsel and advise a plan of approach for each individual client that best meets pressing issues in the area of family law including divorce, father’s rights, separation, alimony, child support, custody, visitation, modifications, property division, asset division and more.

San Diego Divorce Attorney

Founder of the Fathers Rights Law Center, Peter Mueller is an experienced San Diego divorce lawyer serving the community for over 20 years. When you put your faith in the Fathers Rights Law Center you can be assured that you have an knowledgeable hard working lawyer on your side. Call today for a complimentary consultation.

Riverside Divorce Attorney

As a Riverside divorce lawyer, Peter Mueller has been fighting for the rights of Fathers in divorce cases since 1984. With his experience and hard work you can feel comfortable knowing that your divorce case is is good hands. Call or email today for a complimentary consultation.

Cities Served By The Father’s Rights Law Center

As well as serving the City of San Diego we also serve the following cities. Carlsbad, Coronado, Chula Vista, Del Mar, El Cajon, Encinitas, Escondido, Fallbrook, La Mesa, Oceanside, Poway, Ramona, Rancho Bernardo, Rancho Santa Fe, Solana Beach and Vista. With convenient locations and flexible hours, Father’s Rights is one of the best Men’s divorce law firms in the area. Click on one of the cities to learn more about how the Father’s Rights Law Center can help you with your divorce case. If you would like immediate assistance please feel free to give us a call at 1-800-4-Law-Help(1-800-452-9435) Don’t wait, call or email Peter Mueller at the Father’s Rights Law Center today.

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